KU's Information Security Club


KUISC is a student-ran club with the goal of providing outside-of-class activities to expand our knowledge of cybersecurity and information security through hands-on experience and direct interaction with professionals in the field. This club will meet to practice Ethical Hacking methods in a controlled environment and discuss strategies about how to prepare, defend, and mitigate against potential cyber threats. Members will also have a chance to connect with other club members to participate in national cyber defense competition, and to compete in hacking challenges hosted around the world.

Bi-Weekly Meetings Include

Discussions on information security field
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Presentations by industry speakers
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Informative/ Practical Labs on Defending & Attacking
To prepare for typical cyber defense competitions, Meetings are held with access to vulnerable machines, the goal is to secure them and break into them for competition preparation
Opportunities to Host and attend Cyber defense Competitions
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